Is there any charge for using the service?

The service is totally free, there will be no charge at all.

Can I get visa support?

As the employing company will do the working visa procedures, we can not directly support for visa purposes but can give advice if you need any. If you have any trouble please discuss with us.

Can I use the service if I live abroad?

People living outside Japan, like in Korea, Vietnam and China can also use our service. We can not provide service to people living in other countries due to the difference in laws. But we plan to increase our service regions in near future.

Can I use the service if I can not speak Japanese?

Currently we provide support in English, Korean and Chinese languages. As we can introduce good jobs if you can speak a little Japanese, so we encourage you to learn Japanese.

Can I use the service only for career change advice or gathering information?

You are always welcome even only for consultation. Career advisers who are familiar with foreigners job change will provide you necessary information, so use our service to make your desicion about career change.

Can I use the service if I am already employed?

Of course you can use our service at any time. Our career advisers will support you for the procedures needed to resign from a job or changing career.

Will my current employer know about my career change activity?

We do not provide information about career change activity or personal information to third person without your consent. For more detail information please see our privacy policy.

Can I trust TOMATES?

Nextbeat, the parent company of TOMATES has supported more than hundred thousand job seekers. Because of our achievements we are being trusted by lots of people, so you can use our service without any worries. We are very careful about handling of personal information and manage information according to our privacy policy.