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TOMATES AGENT is a HR agent specializing in bilingual talent・Global companies.

  • For whom has difficulties to extend business in overseas with a lack of global talents who have experiences in overseas with language skill
  • For whom wants to hire global talents with an understanding in domestic, oversea businesses without hesitation while talking with the management

We can give you an answer to solve those problems. TOMATES AGENT will accelerate your business by introducing global talents who have multilingual communication skill and force in execution to brighten up to the business in overseas markets.


Global talent recruitment specialist

TOMATES AGENT is a HR agent specializing in global talent. We match up global talents who have fluent language skill, communication skill, also full potential with your company.

Plenty of Oversea experiences

TOMATES AGENT will match up Japanese managers who are specialized in oversea business or foreign talents who are specialized in local business with fluent Japanese skill.

Original applicant

TOMATES AGENT builds its own global human resources registration database. We match up people tailored to your needs, few mismatches and duplications with other companies and less waste time.

How to start

STEP1: Enquiry

Please contact us by inquiry form or telephone. When you contact us, we will explain the fee and contract contents by our sales staff.

STEP2: Request for recruitment

We hear the positions and terms that you want to recruit, then we create job information. TOMATES AGENT collects and scouts talented people matching the contents of your request.

STEP3: Our pre-interview · selection

You will be asked to select candidates who are highly motivated to join the company with great skills and matching with the vision of company through preliminary interviews at TOMATE AGENT. You can actually decide whether you can hire recruiters by seeking job seekers.

STEP4: Hiring · Condition adjustment

After the interview, we will adjust the conditions for candidates who are hired. We can smoothly get condition agreement before entering employment via agent for adjustment of salary and working conditions.

STEP5: Joining to the company・Payment

Candidates who decided to take the job will actually join to the company. The recruitment will be completed at the time of entry and will be completed upon payment of the recruitment fee at the end of the entry month.

Request for Information

Please contact us if you have any question regarding hiring. We will respond as soon as possible.


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