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Introducing highly skilled foreign IT engineers
with Japanese proficiency.

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Do you have doubts about hiring foreigners?

  • You have no experience of hiring foreign employees
  • You want foreign people who can communicate in Japanese
  • You are not sure whether foreigners can adapt to the company culture
  • You want highly skilled engineers

Characteristics of TOMATES AGENT

Top foreign recruiting agents will introduce highly skilled IT engineers

Our career advisors who have expertise in IT recruitment will communicate with the job seekers by their native language to confirm their job and language skill. We will introduce only those who have reached the job requirments.

Fixation rate after joining is 98.6%

We explain about the work contents, company culture, career path very elaborately to the job seekers. So the fixation rate is very high.

We approach to foreign IT engineers by our own method

We have our own method for collecting job seekers by searching in local places using English or Korean or other native languages.

Registered users of TOMATES AGENT

Examples of our registered users

Bridge SE
30 years old, Advanced Japanese level

PHP, JAVA, C, Python
Can define requirments and do development planning. Has various development experience, expecting position is BSE for offshore development. Can do business level communication in Japanese and English. (Vietnamese language native)

WEB engineer
30 years old, Advanced Japanese level

PHP, JAVA, C#, Python
Engineer work experience is more than 8 years. Working in Japan for 5 years. Can communicate fluently in Japanese, familiar with Japanese business culture.

Frontend engineer
30 years old, Advanced Japanese level

HTML, CSS(SASS), JavaScript(React)
Native speaker of Korean language, fluent in Japanese and English. Long term career can be expected.
Can work outside Tokyo.

How to start

STEP1: Enquiry

Please contact us by inquiry form or telephone. When you contact us, we will explain the fee and contract contents by our sales staff.

STEP2: Hearing

We hear the positions and terms that you want to recruit, then we create job information. TOMATES AGENT collects and scouts talented people matching the contents of your request.

STEP3: Our pre-interview · selection

You will be asked to select candidates who are highly motivated to join the company with great skills and matching with the vision of company through preliminary interviews at TOMATES AGENT. You can actually decide whether you can hire recruiters by seeking job seekers.

STEP4: Hiring · Condition adjustment

After the interview, we will adjust the conditions for candidates who are hired. We can smoothly get condition agreement before entering employment via agent for adjustment of salary and working conditions.

STEP5: Joining to the company・Payment

Candidates who decided to take the job will actually join to the company. The recruitment will be completed at the time of entry and will be completed upon payment of the recruitment fee at the end of the entry month.

Request for Information

Please contact us if you have any question regarding hiring. We will respond as soon as possible.


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