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Wacoal Holdings Corp. engages in the management of its group companies which are involved in the manufacture, wholesale, and retail of women's intimate apparel, outerwear, sportswear, textile products and accessories. Its operations are carried out through the following segments: Wacoal Business (Domestic), Wacoal Business (Overseas), Peach John Business, and Others. The Wacoal Business (Domestic) segment produces and sells innerwear, outerwear, sportswear, and hosiery on a domestic scale. The Wacoal Business (Overseas) segment manufactures and markets innerwear, outerwear, sportswear, and hosiery on a global scale. The Peach John Business segment sells innerwear, outerwear, and other textilerelated products under the "Peach John" brand. The Others segment includes other textilerelated business, construction, and interior design. The company was founded by Koichi Tsukamoto on June 15, 1946 and is headquartered in Kyoto, Japan.

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Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section

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Wacoal Holdings Corp. is a holding company. The Company is engaged in the manufacturing and wholesale distribution of innerwear, which include women's foundation wear, lingerie, nightwear and children's underwear; outerwear; sportswear, and other textile goods and related products, as well as the direct sale of certain products to consumers. The Company has four segments: Wacoal business (Domestic), Wacoal business (Overseas), Peach John Business and Other. The Company also conducts business in the restaurant, culture, services and interior design businesses. The Wacoal Business (Domestic) segment consists of companies, including Wacoal Corp. and Une Nana Cool Corp. The Wacoal Business (Overseas) segment consists of companies, including Wacoal America and Wacoal China Co., Ltd. The Peach John Business segment consists of Peach John Co., Ltd. and approximately two other companies. The Other segment consists of companies, including Lecien Corporation and Lecien (Vietnam) Co., Ltd.

Head office location

〒601-8313 29, Kisshoin Nakajima-cho, Minami-ku


Yoshikata Tsukamoto

Average age

46.7 years

Average length of service

20.6 years


13260.0M (JPY)

Balance sheet

End of March


settlement term sales (million yen)
201703     195,881(3.5 %)
201803     195,725(0.1 %)
201903     194,201(0.8 %)
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