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Loadstar Capital KK engages in real estate business. It operates through the following business divisions: Crowdfunding, Corporate Funding, Brokerage and Consulting, and Asset Management. The Crowdfunding division handles OwnersBook, a real estate crowdfunding platform. The Corporate Funding division purchases and manages office, apartment, and multipurpose buildings in Tokyo. The Brokerage and Consulting division provides information to customers based on market analysis. It also offers consulting services on buying, selling, management, and operation of real estate. The Asset Management division provides support services from formulation of strategies for real estate investment to expense management during property possession to disposal. The company was founded on March 14, 2012 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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Loadstar Capital K.K. is engaged in the real estate leasing business, real estate specialized crowdfunding business, real estate brokerage and consulting business, as well as real estate asset management business, centering on real estate selfinvestment in office buildings. In the Company, real estate investment business and real estate rental business are collectively referred to as Corporate Funding Business which is involved in the purchase and management of office buildings, multipurpose buildings, apartment buildings in the Tokyo metropolitan area. By also disposing some of the properties and secure capital gains. The Crowdfunding Business is involved in the provision of a crowdfunding service called OwnersBook. The Company is also involved in the provision of consulting services on the transaction, management and operation of real estate, as well as the asset management business that administers and advises on the operation of real estate owned by third parties.

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〒104-0061 2F, Ginza First Bldg., 1-10-6, Ginza


Tatsushi Iwano

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51 employees

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51 employees

Average age

40.7 years

Average annual income

9.33M (JPY)

Average length of service

1.8 years


1388.0M (JPY)

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End of December


settlement term sales (million yen)
201612     4,659(55.7 %)
201712     8,794(88.8 %)
201812     9,670(10.0 %)
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