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Restar Holdings Corp. manufactures and distributes semiconductors and electronic components. It operates through the following segments: Semiconductors and Electronic Components, Electronic Equipment, and System Equipment. The Semiconductors and Electronic Components equipment sells image sensors, memories, and liquid crystal panels. The Electronic Equipment segment sells audiovisual (AV) equipment. The System Equipment segment develops, manufactures, and sells industrial electronic and transmission terminal equipment. It also conducts quality inspection and analysis. The company was founded in October 1, 2009 and is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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Tokyo Stock Exchange 1st Section

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Restar Holdings Corporation, formerly UKC Holdings Corporation, is a holding company engaged in the manufacture and sale of electronic products. The Company operates in three segments. The Semiconductor and Electronic Components segment involves in the development, manufacture and sale of semiconductors including image sensors, memory, microcontrollers and system largescale integrated (LSI) circuits, as well as electronic components, including liquid crystal panels, batteries, anisotropic conductive films (ACFs), touch panels and other general electronic components, and the provision of electronic manufacturing service. The Electronic Equipment segment provides electronic devices, recording media products, system products and securityrelated products, as well as electronic equipment repair and maintenance services. The System Equipment segment involves in the provision of industrial electronic equipment and conveyor terminal equipment, as well as the entrusted quality inspection.

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〒140-0002 15F, Gate City Osaki East Tower


Nobuki Kurita

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Number of employees (non-consolidated)

110 employees

Number of employees (consolidated)

2,966 employees

Average age

43.3 years

Average annual income

6.92M (JPY)

Average length of service

14.4 years


4383.0M (JPY)

Balance sheet

End of March


settlement term sales (million yen)
201703     273,752(1.1 %)
201803     301,449(10.1 %)
201903     205,771(31.7 %)
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