Career change guide

Career Change Guide

What do you need in order to proceed on your job hunt in Japan? On this page WE are going to advise YOU on EVERYTHING you need to know about career change in Japan.

When You Start Considering A Career Change

When you start to consider a career change, the MOST important thing is to know your reasons for it. Let us guide you on how to pick companies, the risks, precautions, & the things you need before proceeding with your career change activities.

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Flow Of The Job Hunt

The PREPARATIONS for when you decide to hunt for a job in Japan. In this article, we will guide you through on how to list your career, how to find job offer information, documents you need for job hunting, and the precautions on resigning a company.

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How To Find A Job Offer

For those who don’t know how to find the right job for yourself. 3 points you want to make sure for a successful job hunt in Japan. Qualifications you need in order to work in Japan & specific details on finding a job.

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Self-assessment is needed in order to know your strength & weakness. It can help you wash out important points for job hunting. Look at yourself objectively, from analysis results & decide platforms of your career.

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Timing For Hunting A Job

Considering a career change but don’t know when you should start job hunting. Let us guide you to the best time to job hunt & the season when there will be MORE job offers.

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If You Struggle With Job Hunting

We assume you’ll worried when the job hunt isn’t going well. Look back at your past experience for job hunting. We’ll guide you on how you should look back and what you can do to get through your struggles.

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Resume/Job Description Advice

Japanese companies prefer resumes format that are in Japanese style. Not just translating in Japanese but to let the interviewer know how you feel is CRUCIAL. You must fill in every column with specific details.

Job Interview Advice

You’ll never get to avoid job interviews on your job hunt. On this article, we will guide you on the preparations, the manners, flow of the job interview & the questions that are often asked on job interviews in Japan.

Do you want to consult with our career advisors?

TOMATES AGENT is a career change support agency specialized in supporting foreigners who want to work in Japan. We offer consultation service to job seekers like how to look for jobs, interview preparation, offer negotiation etc for completely free of charge.