User guide


1-1. Registration・Application

Users who have known about our service from various media need to enter required information for getting career change support.

1-2. Upload Resume・CV

To make the interview with career advisor meaningful it is required to submit resume and CV beforehand. If not already preapred please write as much as you understand and we will help you to complete your resume during the interview.

2.Career consultation

2-1. Interview via phone or skype

At first applicant will have to take part in an interview with our career advisor via telephone, Skype, KakaoTalk, WeChat or facebook. We will hear about your career vision, strengths, reasons for career change and make your career plan together.

2-2. Job proposal

We will pickup jobs which best suits your interest from our database and propose those jobs to you.

2-3. Application confirmation

After resolving all the questions regarding proposed jobs, we will confirm whether you want to apply for the job or not.

2-4. Correction of Resume・CV

After the submission of resume and CV, if any correction is needed we will give correction advice.

2-5. Recommendation to company

We will send the resume and CV with our recommendation letter to the company for document screening.

3.Selection by company

3-1. Document screening (company)

Company will do document screening. It takes about 1-2 weeks.

3-2. Interview preparation (TOMATES)

If you can proceed for interview selection after passing the document screening, we will help you for interview preparation if needed. Our well experienced career advisors will provide you various interview scenarios from past interviews for your better preparation.

3-3. Interview (Company)

Company will do interview selection. It might take more than 1-2 weeks.

3-4. Job offer

If we receive job offering letter, meeting will be arranged for confirming various conditions. If necessary we will setup an offer interview with the company.

4.Joining a company

4-1. Signing consent form

You will be requested to sign the consent form after confirming the terms of employment.

4-2. Support before joining

We will support widely so that you can resign smoothly and join new job. Please consult us if you face any problem.

4-3. Joining

After joining the company successfully please contact us. We will also confirm with employing company about your joining and enrollment.

4-4. Support after joining

We will support you to get familiar with new company and produce good results, please consult us without any hesitation.