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Complete Guide On Writing A Resume For Foreigners In Japan

A RESUME is always necessary for job hunting activities. Today, we are going to explain how to write a perfect resume in a specific way and with illustrated examples

How To Write A Resume, Don’t Be LOST Anymore!

There are a lot of foreigners who don’t know how to write a RESUME when hunting for a job in Japan.



So, we’ve compiled an example of how to write each item of your resume, how to take a picture, and how to fill out the motivation to apply.



Create a RESUME that conveys your experiences and skills well and aim to pass the document selection process.


What Is The Purpose Of A Resume?

In the job-hunting activities, the resume is positioned as an examination document. Companies review the applicant’s basic information from personal information, educational background, and work experience.



For this reason, you need to provide useful information for working in the type of business or job of the company you are applying for. 



We RECOMMEND that you include information not just about profile information, but information that’s useful to your company. 



Some resumes are in bullet form, we will tell you the points of how to write for each item, please read to the end and use it to make use of it in the creation of the resume.


Create Your Resume Using A PC

Your resume is a document that summarizes your personal information. Let’s create it with a PC so that it is easy for the interviewer to Read.



You need to rewrite the resume when you made a mistake when creating a resume with a ballpoint pen. (Using the correction tape is not recommended). You can rewrite as many times as you want when it’s a PC, and you can upgrade it at any time., so WE RECOMMEND creating it with a PC.


How To Write A Resume When Foreigners Are Hunting Jobs In Japan

There are a lot of items to write about on a Japanese resume. 

From here on, we’ll explain each item.



FIRST, download the format of the resume, let’s imagine how to write for each item while checking together. 



There are no problems with the resume sold in the markets, but please use the following two templates because it is processed for foreigners. 



IF you want to change jobs in Japan, prepare your resume in Japanese. In Japan, resumes written in languages other than Japanese, including English, are overwhelmingly unacceptable.



<Excel Version>Download The Resume Here

<Word Version>Download The Resume Here

<PDF Version>Sample of The Resume


Print Your Resume In A4 Size


The Picture Is The Same As <PDF Version>Sample of The Resume



The resume is printed on one side A4 x 2 pieces. You can also use the B5 Resume that is sold at the shops.



Personal information, educational background, work history, qualifications, motivation, appeal points, and your preferences.



The column to which describes sentences such as the motive of the desire and the SELF-PR column should be described in the tone of  “です, ます” (desu, masu). Misspellings and typographical errors are prohibited. IF you are not CONFIDENT in creating in Japanese, please rely on your AGENT and HELLO WORK


Date & Picture


IF you are going to bring the resume at the interview, PLEASE include the interview date. IF you mail the resume BEFORE the interview, include the date of posting or sending it from the post office. 



You will need to send it with a cover page instead of a single resume. On the cover page and the back of the envelope, include the same date as the date of your resume.



IF you want to send it by email before the interview, include the date you send it.



The numbers should be unified in Arabic numerals (1234567890) and the dates are unified in the Western Calendar (e.g. January 31, 2019)




To AVOID the following examples that are NOT GOOD, please review the date for each interview or post-posting. 


  • Started the job-hunting activities a month ago, REUSING the resume, but the resume and the date is from a month ago.
  • Submitted a resume in today’s interview, but it was prepared for an interview next week, so it has a DATE OF THE FUTURE on the resume.




Paste a photo that is taken within three months of your resume submission date.



◆Size & Background 

The photo MUST be sitting 4cm long x 3cm wide. Don’t forget that the background should be plain white or plain blue. When you paste the picture on the resume, make sure you don’t paste it out of the frame.



How To Take The Picture

Take a picture from the chest to up facing straight for the camera, pull your chin a little and close your mouth. It’ll be GOOD if you can smile a little bit. Your expression looks dark when your face is covered up by the bangs, so put the hair to the side so your face won’t be covered with hair. TAKE IT WITHOUT ANY HAIR COVERING YOUR FACE!!!




IF you smile too much or frown, you won’t get a good impression. We recommend raising the corner of the mouth a little bit when you smile, DON’T OVERDO IT!!!




You should be wearing a suit. Even in summer, we RECOMMEND you wear a jacket and take the photo. In winter, you should be avoiding sweaters because it is considered casual.




The background should be a solid color. However, don’t take a picture of your resume against the wall of your room just because it’s WHITE.



Going To A Photo Studio Is The Best Way

It is a GOOD idea to take the photo at the photo studio because it brings out a beautiful, bright expression. Recently, the data taken for the person who makes the resume on the PC is read with the authorization code, and there is the one that it is possible to save it to the terminal or to download it from the Web. When taking a photo at the instant photo booth, be careful not to raise your jaw or make a dark expression of yourself.




Wear a jacket, face straight towards the camera and set your bangs so that they don’t catch your eyes. It would be even better if you smiled a little bit.




Photos with no background and snap photos are inappropriate for resume photos. Also, avoid using photos of you wearing a hat or sunglasses.




As shown in the picture above


  • Black & White
  • Wearing Sunglasses
  • Wearing a Hat
  • Not in a Suit (In a Shirt but without a Jacket)
  • Not Facing Straight 
  • Winking
  • Snap Photo
  • Bangs on your Eyes



This is not appropriate for a photo to be placed on the resume for job hunting activities. Also, avoid fancy makeup that isn’t suitable for the business scene.


Name & Address (Personal Information)

(3)Name & Ruby

IF you have 「ふりがなFurigana」written down, write the furigana in 「ひらがなHiragana」and if it’s written 「フリガナ Furigana」write the furigana in 「カタカナKatakana」.


(4)Date Of Birth

The date of the resume is unified with the date of the resume (described in Arabic numerals using the Western calendar). Depending on your resume, you may want to wear a circle on the acronyms “M.T.S.H” in Meiji, Taisho, Showa, and Heisei, so in this case, if you say in the Japanese calendar, you should look at which age applies on the Web.



Circle the appropriate field.



From the prefecture, the street address, the name of the building, the room number, etc. are described without omission. The figures are unified in Arabic numerals. Let’s fill in “00-like” without omission.


(7)Phone Number

Include the phone number you will be connected during the day. A mobile phone number is preferable.


(8)Mail Address

In the job-hunting activities, we need to exchange a few texts messaged with the company. IF you want to use a resume of general JIS standard, please put your “Email Address” under the column of “Street address”



(E.G.)Mail Address: tomates@tomates.xx

The email address you fill in is not a mobile or a smartphone, but a PC email address.



When sending and receiving large size items such as documents during the selection process, you may not be able to receive documents if it is a terminal such as a mobile phone or smartphone, and may not be able to open even if you can receive it, so please include your PC email address. IF YOU DON’T have an email address, get a free email address for your job-hunting activities.


Writing Down Your Education

(9)How To Write Down Your Education

List in the order of “Education” → “Work Experience”. In Japan, it is common to get a job after going to school, so let’s describe it in chronological order according to Japanese culture. IF you have graduated from school and have found employment once, only your educational background will be listed.



Let’s describe the “Educational Background” from the top in the oldest. Start to describe it from high school graduation. Schools entered after graduating from high school (Such as universities and vocational schools) describe both admission and graduation.


The Key Of How To Write

  • ” Educational background” is described in the center of the first line of the “Work Experience & Educational Background” column. It is OK to describe “Educational background” once. It is NOT necessary to describe each break, such as admission or graduation.
  • In Japan, educational background is generally described from high school graduation. It is described as 「高等学校Koutou Gakko」. There is no problem to describe it from the elementary school and the junior high school, but because the educational background becomes long and becomes difficult to read, if you want to write by all means, please keep it in the description from the admission of the high school. 
  • One line for admission and one line for graduation.
  • The university is described as “Name of The University, Undergraduate, Department, Admission (OR Graduation)”.
  • “Name of The University, Undergraduate, Department, Admission (OR Graduation)” is easier to read if you make a room in between the words.
  • The date should be in the Western calendar, let’s describe in Arabic numerals. ※E.G. Year: January 31, 2019, etc.※



If You Have Experience Studying Overseas

IF you have studied abroad for more than 1 year, please include it. The contents are “Time, Period, Country, and School Name”. IF you have less than 1 year of study abroad experience, please include it in the self-promotion column, not the educational background column.


If you are absent from school for 1 year to study abroad



What To Do When You Get Relocated, Transfer, Absence, Dropout

・In case you transferred schools.

The school, faculty, and department to which you are transferring to the school are listed, and the “editing admission” is described in the back. In the case of relocations and transfers, the department of the transfer destination is described as “Transfer Faculty” & “Transfer Department” after it describes the department to which it is transferred.



・If you were absent from school

Between the entrance and graduation, it is described as “half-year off due to poor physical condition in the second year” & “1 year off from studies in the 3rd year” & “1 year off to study abroad in the 3rd year”.



・If you dropped out

After the name of the school, the faculty, and the name of the department are described, “mid-term withdrawal” is described.



If you dropped out of college



How To Write Your Educational Background In Other Cases

▼College after graduating from high school and then go to a language school again.



If you go to college after graduating from high school and then go to a language school again. It is OK to continue to describe even if there is a gap from the university graduation to the following educational background. To describe your educational background and work history separately, you should not include your education in order of your work history.


Writing Your Work Experience



(10)How To Write Your Work Experience

Work history is listed under your educational background. If you are looking for a career change, PLEASE describe your work experience in more detail than your academic background. It’s an important item that can show you what you’ve been doing and what you can do. At the time of the interview, the story may spread from the work experience, so we will briefly describe the contents of the business.



When you have finished your final education, open one line and write “Work History” on the second line. This is the same for contract employees, temporary workers, and part-time workers. It is OK to describe “Work Experience” once. You do not need to include it for each company. Once you have listed all your work experiences, you will be asked to list “End (以上)” at the end. The description of the “Education & Work History” column is completed by this. Next, we will tell you how to write for each type of employment.


Example of how to write a work experience from an educational background



If You’re An Full-Time Employee

First, let’s look at how to write in the case of a full-time employee. We’ll talk about writing for contract employees, temporary workers, and part-time workers, so please scroll down the page a bit.


From the following line, which is described as “Work Experience”, describe the date of employment,

Company Name, Date of Joining

Job Description, Number of Employees

Affiliation, Simple Job Description

In the order of the line. It is common to describe the work experience of one company in three lines.



Examples of general work experience



Key To Writing Your Work Experience

In Japanese resume, they’ll see whether you’re working in a company OR retired from the company. 



(With the risk of being in more than one company if you don’t make it clear that you’re resigned, your new company might think you’re still working in your old company). In Japan, many companies do not allow a side job to work separately from the main income job, so it is necessary to clearly show that they are resigning.


When You Resign Your Company

Describe your resignment as “Resignment for personal reasons” indicating your resignment. The reason for your resignment IS NOT required.



When You’re Still At Your Company You Written Down

Under the line of “Assignment”, write “To The Present”.



When You List All Your Work Experiences

Finally, write「以上」which means “Finished” and don’t forget to write this on the bottom right side of the form. This completes the description of the “Education & Work Experience” column.



If You Are A Contract Employee

When you join the company as a “Contract Employee”, you can list this in one of the following ways: Once you’ve listed all your work experiences, don’t forget to write “Finish” on the bottom right side!!!



▼Example 1

Back of「Company name 入社Nyusha」write (Contract Employee) The second and the third row can be the same writing as the (Full Time Employee)



▼Example 2

On the back of company name write(Joined as a Contract Employee)The second and the third row can be the same writing as the (Full Time Employee)



IF you retire, you will be referred to as “Resignment due to the expiration of the contract.” IF you describe “Resignment for personal reasons”, there is a risk that you may have retired during the period of the content.



IF you are still at your current company, describe it as “To the present”.



Once you’ve listed all your work experiences, don’t forget to write “Finish” on the bottom right side!!!



※Becoming A Full-Time Employee From A Contract Employee


The fact that you were hired as a full-time employee at the same company and the same job after being hired as a contract employee makes a BIG APPEAL that your ability has been recognized. 



First, the fact that he joined the company as a contract employee is described, and then the year of the appointment of a full-time employee. The sentence of “Appointment of a full-time employee at the company” is described.



Example of description when becoming a Full-Time Employee from a Contract Employee



After a contract employee has been appointed to a full-time employee, it is OK with the same description method as a full-time employee. IF YOU RESIGN, write “Retirement for personal reasons” under the line of “Appointment of a full-time employee at the company”.



IF you are working at the company, please describe it as “To the Present”.



Once you’ve listed all your work experiences, don’t forget to write “Finish” on the bottom right side!!!


If You Are A Temporary Employee

FIRST, write down the name of the company of which you are dispatched and the name of the company you are dispatching to us the company that you worked for. 



In the work history column, you will be employed as a temporary employee from the dispatch company to the name of the dispatch destination.



IF you resign the temporary employee, you will be referred to as “Retiring upon expiration of the dispatch period.” If you describe “retirement due to personal reasons”, there is a risk that you may have resigned in the middle of the contract.



Once you’ve listed all your work experiences, don’t forget to write “Finish” on the bottom right side!!!



Example 1 Writing The Duties In Charge

The assigned company & the duties in charge are described under the company name of the dispatch destination & the dispatch company.



Example 2 If You Do Not Write Your Duties

Even if you are a temporary employee, we RECOMMEND that you include your duties as much as possible. IF there are a lot of dispatch destinations, and all are written, it omits it only if the work experience column is insufficient.



Example 3 If You Worked For More Than One Company From Your Dispatch Company

If you have worked for more than one company that was introduced by the same dispatching company in a short period, it may be impossible to write down the job description of the companies. 



In this case, instead of the job description, you MUST write down the company name. To indicate that the company has changed since the end of the dispatch period, the time of the dispatch contract expiration for each company should also be listed behind the destination company name.



Example 4 If the Contract Maturity Has Been Determined

For example, if you know that your contract will expire soon, let’s say in 2~3 months from now, you will be asked to list “Contract Expiration” in conjunction with the year.



If You Are A Part-Time Worker

A part-time job is also a good work experience, so let’s include it in the work history column. HOWEVER, if there is more than one part-time job that did not last for 1 month, it may lead to a negative image. If you continue to work part-time within a month OR so, leave your job in a short period, PLEASE DO NOT include it on your resume!!! By not including it, the “Educational & Work Experience” will be blank so it can be unnatural, be prepared to explain what you’ve been doing during that time in the interview.



If you want to describe on your resume that you have worked part-time, first describe the date of employment and the “Name of the Company, Store Name, & Joining (Part-Time)”. For the store name, you can write that down if there is a “Store Name”.



The job description of a part-time job is UNNECESSARY. 



However, there is no problem to describe the job description, the description of duties will be described under “Name of the Company, Store Name, & Joining (Part-Time)”. Unlike full time & contract employees, the business and number of employees are NOT required.



After quitting your part-time job, you write “retirement due to personal reasons”.



Once you’ve listed all your work experiences, don’t forget to write “Finish” on the bottom right side!!!


How To Write The License & Qualifications


(11)Writing The License & Qualifications

The date is in Western Calendar and is in Arabic Numerals.



Next, the qualification name is described, and the license & the qualification column are COMPLETED.



Putting down the score of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Driver’s license, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS, etc.



As well as education and work experience, the license is described from the order in which the years acquired are old. Both years are required. If the month is missing, it may give the impression to the interviewer that the applicant is “ROUGH”, so please check it out and describe it carefully. 


Example of License & Qualifications


How To Write Motivations & Appeal Points



Motivations & Appeal Points should be in 250~300 characters.


(12)Points On How To Write The Motivation Of The Applicant


For MOTIVATION, you must write 

(Skills=Experience & Knowledge)

(How You Work)

(About The Future)



It is VERY important to describe these 3 points SPECIFICALLY. What skills you have, experience, the knowledge you have, and what you value for work. You should also describe what you are working on for the goals of the future. These are the points that convey enthusiasm on the paperwork to the companies that you apply. We will describe specific examples at each point.


Point 1:(Skills=Experience、Knowledge)

When the company selects the document of the applicant, they are looking at the documents from the point of view “What can this applicant do for us?” Are the skills and experience useful after joining the company?”  That’s why you need to clearly show off what you can do with the skills and experiences. Describe what you can do and what you are good at, and make sure that you show your abilities to the person in charge of the company you are applying for.



If You Are An Engineer

  • “I am currently working as an engineer in software design, testing and operating. My specialties are C, C#, and Java.”
  • “I have been involved in the development of many systems, such as ordering systems and customer information management systems in JavaScript.”
  • “I have experience developing in C, C#, java, and I am developing in an Android environment using Markdown and others.”



Describe your business using experienced languages, development environments, frameworks, and so on.



If You Are In Sales

  • “New customer development. I work on everything from telephone and email approaches to business meetings and post-contract follow-up.”
  • “I visit about five stores a day to propose new products to existing customers, understand sales pitches, and propose improvements to the store layout”



And so on, write down what kind of sales method you used.



If You Are An Office Worker

  • “I created sales materials in PowerPoint and manage sales data and customer information in Excel.”
  • “We created a business list in Excel, clarified the role of each of the four clerks, and increased operational efficiency.”
  • “We use dedicated software to compare customer information, and we accompany sales to take minutes for business meetings.”



For example, let’s describe the efforts that came out of the business contents and achievements, such as the software that was tried when doing office work, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Point 2:「How You Work」

Describe how and what you have worked with. By doing so, you can show your enthusiasm for your work.




We are voluntarily working on knowledge and skills/ working with other people, such as teams, to advance a project.



<What Is Important>

Speed/How the accuracy of work, etc.



If You Are An Engineer

  • “As a member, I actively participated in the study sessions to increase my knowledge, and I try the new technology I have studied immediately.”
  • “I’m good at communicating with others and work on a project as a team”
  • “I try to take the action immediately to what I have thought and received instructions for.”



Describe what you have done as an engineer.



If You Are In Sales

  • “I propose not only considering the number of orders but also the entire customer’s business so that we can always anticipate the request and needs of our customers.”
  • “I involve people around, such as having my boss accompanies with me to meet my goals, or to consult with the development department.”



If You Are An Office Worker

  • “Use Excel to create a to-do list for task management to ensure that weekly and daily tasks don’t leak”
  • “Make sure to do what assigned, and take a step ahead”



List up your mindset and what you have worked on as the main subject.


Point 3:「About The Future」

Mainly, you would like to describe specifically “how you want to use your experience and knowledge” ” the skills you want to acquire”, and “what you want to do in a near future”. In addition to the contents of the business, it is also a good impression on the content that the interviewer can see that you have the intention of wanting to play an active part in Japan.



If You Are An Engineer

  • “I want to develop JavaScript development skills that are my specialty”
  • “I want to develop new services through my programming in the automotive field ”
  • “I’m interested in developing web services, so I want to develop web services that are easy for many people to use.”
  • “I’ve always been interested in the consumer electronics industry, and I want to be involved in the development of home appliances that make my life more convenient.”
  • “I aim to be a professional engineer who can play an active part in Japan for a long time.”



You may want to make use of your experience to specify what kind of project you would like to be involved in.



If You Are In Sales

  • “By selling LARGE amounts of merchandise, I would like to contribute to business expansion.”
  • “I want to use my management experience at greater discretion.”
  • “I would like to make use of my experience working abroad to play an active role globally.”



Let’s make it related to “what you want to do in sales activities” & “position sought”.



If You Are An Office Worker

  • “I would like to make use of my PC skills to improve operational efficiency.”
  • “I have experience in customer service, so I want to be a reliable office work.”
  • “I would like to think about what I can do from a standpoint of supporting sales and other business so that my internal business proceeds smoothly.”



And so on, I’ll describe how you want to work.


Caution Points For The Motivation & Appeal Points

If you want to write about what you want to achieve, write why you think you can achieve

Even if you write only what you want to do, such as “I want to learn” OR “achieve”, it is difficult to appeal to recruiters because it is difficult to understand what kind of ability you are. Describe what skills and experience you can do and how much you can do.



Don’t use reasons that everybody uses for motivation

It is difficult to appeal if you describe the reasons why anyone might be able to write, such as “Sympathizing with the idea” & “I was attracted to the future of the business”. Instead, try to describe the strength and what you can do.



Don’t write what you couldn’t do

It is not possible to appeal by sentence “~~~ was not able to be done in the incumbent (previous position).” Don’t state what you couldn’t do, but what you can do and the strength to showcase your abilities.


Example For Motivation & Appeal Points

The following are examples of aspiring engineers, sales, and corporate (Office work). The motivation and appeal points should be paid in 200~300 characters.


If You Are An Engineer


【Points On The Motivation】


  • Describe the technology you are acquiring and the development environment you have experience with.
  • If you have a language or environment that you are good at, please describe the contents and roles of the projects involved in a brief statement.



▼Example 1

In my previous and current positions, I am involved in the development of electronic equipment. I was conscious of two things: learning the latest technology and thinking about the customer’s point of view. I feel that it is necessary to acquire a higher level of technical skills to realize the needs of our clients, so I go to seminars to improve my skills. In the future, I acquired JDLA Deep Learning for GENERAL because I wanted to be involved in the development of products that incorporate AI into machines. I will continue to study every day.



▼Example 2

 I’m good at java and C development. I was involved in the development of performance management systems and customer information management systems and has been responsible for both development and testing. I am good at development in the Android environment. Also actively learning new technologies and quick to learn my skills. I would like to be an engineer who can play an active role in Japan for a long time.



▼Example 3

I developed web job sites and information dissemination sites using Java and SQL. I’m in charge of both the Back-end and the Front-end engineer. It was developed in a Windows environment. I’m good at communicating with my team and working with others on a project. Especially when instructed, it’s running quickly. I want to contribute to the organization in an environment where I can acquire knowledge and skills.


If You Are In Sales


【Points On The Motivation】

  • Summarize your experience, points you were conscious of in sales, and easy-to-understand results.
  • If you have experience with awards, it will be easy to understand if you describe the frequency and scale of the awards.




 I’m operating web promotion tools for corporate companies. To anticipate the needs and desires of the customers, we value proposals that are based on the customer’s entire business. My main responsibility is new customer development. I conduct 50~100 phone sales a day, business negotiations, and follow-up after closing. I’m working on the whole team to achieve it. In the future, I would like to challenge the sales of large amounts of commercial materials, grow myself, and contribute to business expansion.


Corporate Work(HR、Financial、Office Work、Secretary, etc.)

【Points On The Motivation】

  • What kind of skills you have, let’s describe separately PC skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Corporate positions often require PC skills. For this reason, if you have pc-related skills such as MOS: Microsoft Office Specialist, you can include the as proof of your PC skills.
  • Please include qualifications that will be useful for the job you are applying for, such as bookkeeping and secretarial examination.



▼Example If an experienced office worker changes to the same job

 ※An example is an office job



I work as an admin staff at an advertising agency. I‘m in charge of dealing with customers over the phone, managing data, creating application forms, and creating invoices. I use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. After one year at the company, I was able to improve customer management flow using Excel’s VBA and reduce overtime work.  no problem with the basic PC operation. We would like to contribute to an environment where we can support the salespeople more efficiently, such as preparing the materials.


Template For Motivation

This template can be used regardless of the job type. Please use blanks (~ ~) for your experience and skills.



【Template 1】

I’m in charge of ~~ now. During that time, I began to feel ~~ that is why I wanted to change jobs because of ~~. I would like to make use of my strengths. After joining the company, I will continue to study Japanese culture and Japanese. In the future, I would like to work like ~~ soon.



【Template 2】

In my current position, I have been entrusted with ~~. I was especially conscious of ~~ and ~~, and as a result, I was able to get ~~. I would like to make use of my experience to work on what I wanted to contribute to the professional of ~~, and I wanted to do it.



【Template 3】

I’m in charge of ~~ for a year. I value ~~. In the future, I want to learn ~~ and study independently. I would like to contribute to your company by taking advantage of our experience.


Visa、JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)Choosing The Language Proficiency Level



IF you download a resume template from this page, you will have to choose between “Work visa”, “JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)” & “Japanese Proficiency Level”. Choose the choices that apply to each item and reflect it.



Here is the templates

<Excel Version>Download The Resume Here

<Word Version>Download The Resume Here


(13)About The Visa You Have

Select a visa that you must reflect on.



The choices are

Engineer, Specialist in Humanities, International Services / Highly Skilled Professional Class 1 / Highly Skilled Professional Class 2 / Intra- company Transferee / Spouse or Child of Japanese Nationals / Permanent Resident / Spouse of a Permanent Resident / Working Holiday / Domicile / Designated Activities / Specific Skills / Technical Training / Tourist Visa / Cultural Activities / Student Visa / Training / Dependent / Professor / Artist / Religious Activities / Journalist / Business Manager / Legal, Accounting Services / Medical Services / Researcher / Instructor / Nursing Care / Skilled Labor / Entertainer


(14)JLPT(Japanese Language Proficiency Test)

If you have a JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test), choose the class you have acquired. If you haven’t acquired it, choose None. If it is listed in the license and qualifications column, please select it again.



You Can Select From

N1 / N2 / N3 / N4 / N5 / None


(15)Japanese Proficiency Level

Choose your Japanese proficiency level. It doesn’t matter at the level you think you are.



You Can Select From

Native (No accent, fluent) / Advanced (No problems with words and grammar, conversation) / Intermediate (understand everyday words and grammar) / Beginner (Easy to understand words and grammar) / None (Interview in Japanese is difficult)


Number of Dependents, Spouse, Spouse Number of dependents, spouse, and spouse’s support obligation, person’s desire column


(16)Number of dependents, spouse and spouse’s dependent support obligations

The number of dependents is based on the number of people excluding the spouse. The spouse’s support obligations shall be applied to the relevant areas of the present.


(17)Desire Column

If there is something that cannot be given up, such as the place of work and the desired job type, it is described. If not, “I will comply with your company’s regulations.” If you leave it blank, you’ll think that your resume is incomplete, so if you don’t have any preferences, make sure you write it down.


Briefly Describe Your Personal Information & Motivation In Your Resume

Your resume is packed with the minimum amount of information you need to process the documents. Among them, the “Motivation & Self Appeal” column can be appealing. Describe your experiences and knowledge, as well as what you are working on and what you want to do and show your abilities. HOWEVER, there is a possibility that the resume with great pains will not be evaluated if there is a typographical error. 



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