Easy To Forget! Procedures & Postal Transfer You Must Remember When You Move

When you decide you want to live somewhere else, you consider moving.  Today, we are going to talk about PROCEDURES you might forget while moving. We will be guiding the “Easy To Forget” procedures with extra information you might want to know when moving.

Procedures At The Post Office Dorofieiev


Post Office

At the post office, you will receive a notification form of your move, fill in your new address, etc. and hand in the notification form. They will start sending your mail (sent to your old address) at the new address for a year, and it is FREE!! At the time of the procedure, you should be able to confirm your identity and bring an ID with your address. You can also change the information from the post office website.


(※Postal Office Official Website)


(※Guide To International Students)



Simply, go to the post office near your residence and fill in the notification form of your move. Try not to forget this procedure because you will not be able to get any mails OR packages when you move to a new address but did not inform so.



BUT this system lasts for only a year, so we STRONGLY SUGGEST changing your address information to get every mail & package you get.

Unfortunately, there is no English page but here is a link to the page where you can register your notification of the move.


(Relocation/Forwarding Service)


Procedures For Electricity, Gas, & Water Maliugin



Changing your address information with the electric is important. Without it, you will have no electricity at your new place. (Electricity is important! You need electricity to see where you are going when it’s dark!)


 (※Japanese Way Might Differ Other Countries)



Dealing with your electricity at the time of your move is not difficult. You just must let the electric company when you want to stop the electricity for your old address and when to start up the electricity at your new address.




The procedures for the electricity MUST be done 1 week before you want to stop it and to start it. (Better to do it early in the busy season!!!)



Same with gas, you must change the address information with the gas company, BUT you can change Electricity & Gas at the same time, depending on your contract! (IF you have a contract where your provider supplies both electricity & Gas, you can go through the 2 procedures at 1 time.)




You can contact the gas company to change your address but if your gas provider supplies you the electricity as well, you might have to inform to change the electricity at the same time. (PLEASE note that you will need to be at the location when the gas company comes to close/open the gas valve)



Same with others, you must change the address information with the water company. Tell them when you want the water stopped and when you want to start your water supply at your new address. (We highly recommend you tell them to stop the water after all your moving activities finish. Trust me…You need water until the very end with all the cleaning to do!)


Other Procedures



NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) is a special corporation set up under the Broadcasting Act. 



Once you sign the contract with NHK, you are bound to pay the fee for the channel. What can be mind-boggling is that NHK is channel number 1 and it is not up to you if you want the channel or not if you own a TV OR a device that can show the channel you MUST pay the fee.



Therefore, a lot of people disagree and not pay the fees of NHK, because most of the citizens think the system for the NHK contract is too forceful.



Over recent years, there has been a lot of trouble between the NHK fee collectors and the citizens on whether they pay the fees. 



BUT if you own a TV or other devices to watch television channels, it will be better if you pay the fee to avoid any legal troubles.



Yes, we know, there are no systems like this back in your country. This system is pretty unique, and Japan should be the only country with a system like this, but make sure to follow what is right because there is a good chance you can get in legal trouble if you refuse or avoid the right fees.




The best way to pay for the fees is to contact the NHK on the website. Lately, there have been defrauding and criminal activities where con artists act like the NHK fee collector and scamming money from innocent citizens. That is why, IF you decide to pay for the NHK fee, you should go straight to the NHK website or call them up for signing up the contract.


Moving Company

Depending on the amount of luggage you have, you must think about the ways you can process every step. 



IF you are using a moving company, contact them in advance and estimate the moving cost depending on the amount of luggage and the distance to travel. It is also possible to use a single person moving package plan.


Inform Your Departure Date

It is NECESSARY to inform your expected date of departure to the landlord & real estate agent in advance. The deadline for notification is written in your house renting contract that will be given at the beginning of the contract (1-month notice is common)



When you don’t make it in time and hand in a late notification, you may have to pay 1- month rent even if you don’t live there. So, BE CAREFUL!!! After leaving, the deposit will be returned after they check the condition of the room.


Procedures At The Ward Office, City Halls, Etc.


Moving Out/Moving In Notification

Submit a “Moving out notification” at the city hall in your area of residence and get a “Moving out certificate” (Within 14 days before and after moving out). 

Hand in the “Moving In notification” to the newly moved city (Within 14 days of moving in) If you are moving in the same city, submit a “Relocation notification”.


(Moving Out Notification)


Residence Card

Submit your residence card for the change of residence within 14 days of moving.


National Health Insurance

The National Health Insurance Card will be returned to the ward and city hall in your area before moving. After moving, you will be issued a new National Health Insurance Card.



Procedures such as child allowance, infant medical certificate, and child medical certificate are conducted.


Oversized Garbage

It is necessary to inform in advance what to throw away, put on the paid sticker purchased at the convenience store, and throw it away in the place where you contracted it on the specified day. Here is a link where you can contact for Oversized Garbage (Bulky Waste Reception Center


Feeling Lazy? No Problem!!!

Contacting the water, electricity, gas company, etc. can be TOO MUCH WORK. Do not you worry about a thing!!! Fortunately, we live in the world of Internet and MOST OF THE PROCEDURE can be done through websites!



EASY right? You can also get benefits from your provider depending on your contract!!!



PLUSLAZYNESS will lead you to FORGET!!!




Whether you go to the post office, water, electricity, OR the gas company, to inform them your changed address, the only thing you need to BE CAREFUL is to NOT FORGET!!! 



IF you forget, it might lead you to not have water, gas, electricity supplies when you need it or you may not get the important packages that you needed.



All the procedures can be done through the websites, so there is nothing difficult about it, so all you got to do is remember to finish all the moving procedures within the date that is set up.




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