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General Manner Not To Fail Job Interviews In Japan

When the date of the job interview is set, going over the manners for the interview is REQUIRED!!! Let’s go over the flow and the general manners of the job interview TOGETHER.

Reception & Manners In The Waiting Room


Finish The Reception At Least 5 Minutes Before

As written on the title, we recommend you finish the reception 5~10 MINUTES before the interview.


We SUGGEST you arriving at the destination 15~30 minutes before the actual interview, but when you finish the reception too early, the interviewer might feel PRESSURED.


When you arrive too early, wait at a place far from the company entrance and take a BREATH, maybe RELAX for a little while.


After you finish with the reception, you will be directed to a conference room. Don’t forget to say 「よろしくお願いいたします」(Yoroshiku-Onegai-shimasu)「ありがとうございます」(Arigatou-Gozaimasu-Thankyou)


When there is interview candidates more than you, or if you’re waiting for the interviewer, SIT UP & wait for your name to get CALLED.


Don’t Be LATE!!!

Being late to a job interview is a BIG NONO!!! Japanese is STRICT on their time schedule.


Being late to an interview can AFFECT you BIG TIME, but we’re all humans, there is always a possibility of being late. In case that happens, step off the train and CALL the company as soon as you know you’re going to be late.


Manners To Entering The Room



When You Get Guided To A Room For The Interview

When you’re guided to the conference room etc. Say 「ありがとうございます」(Thankyou), sit in the seat you’re assigned to and put your bag on the floor next to your seat.

When the interviewer comes in the room, stand up until they say, “You may sit down.”


When You Have To Knock To Get In The Room

Normally in Japan, you knock on the door three times, not too fast, not too loud. You don’t want to SUPRISE the interviewer & make them fall off a chair!!!


When you hear 「どうぞ」(Douzo-Come In) say 「失礼いたします」(Shitsurei-Itashimasu-Excuse Me) and enter the room.


Enter The Room & Say 「失礼いたします」Before You Take A Seat

After you entered the room, say 「失礼いたします」one more time and bow. Take about 3 seconds to bow and you would look CALM!!!


Go to your seat, put down your bag on the floor next to you, and say「(Your name)と申します(Tto-Moushimasu)。本日はお忙しいなかお時間をいただきありがとうございます(Honjitsuwa-Oisogashii-Naka-Ojikan-Wo-Itadaki-Arigatougozaimasu)。よろしくお願いいたします」Look at their eyes when you’re saying this to them!!!


When You Get The Name Card

Depending on the interviewer, you might get a name card.


When you get the name card, make sure to get the card with both your hands and simply, tell them your name. (NO NEED TO GIVE THEM YOUR NAME CARD!!!)


Manners During The Interview


After you briefly finish the greetings, the interviewer would probably say

「どうぞおかけください」(Douzo-Okake-Kudasai.) FINALLY, you can take a seat. Make sure to SIT UP RIGHT, keep your CHIN UP, and put your hands on your KNEES!! (Place your bag near you, so you can get your documents out easily!!)


Look At Their Eyes!!!

LOOK AT THE INTERVIEWERS EYES WHEN YOU’RE TALKING TO THEM!!! Don’t move your eyes too much, because they might think you’re not calm.

The interviewer is looking for your true self!!! The key to a GOOD interview is acting natural. (Just Be Yourself)


Have a SMILE on your face when talking about your achievements and talk with a serious face talking about the difficulties you faced.


If you have a hard time describing yourself with Japanese, the facial expression might be the way to show them how you feel.


Look At Their Eyes (Part 2)

ALWAYS look at the person’s eyes when THEY’RE talking to you!!!


When you have your eyes looking somewhere else, the interviewer might think you’re “Rude” or “Lack of Motivation”.


Manners When Leaving The Room


When you’re done with the interview, tell them 「本日はお忙しいなかお時間をいただきありがとうございました」(Honjitsu-Wa-Oisogashii-Naka-Ojikann-Arigatou-Gozaimasu.)

When you leave the room, say your thank you once again before you open the door and keep bowing until the door closes.


If the interviewer takes you back to the elevator or the entrance, turn back one last time for the final bow.


Manners To Be Aware During An Interview


NO Jeans! NO Sandals! NO Casual Wear!

When you have a job interview in Japan, the outfit, in general, is a suit. Japanese takes cleanliness very IMPORTANT, so if you don’t have a jacket on, your necktie, if you forget to wear stockings, that might be considered as sloppiness.


Some places allow you to come in with a casual outfit, but the best way to go is wearing an office casual. (KEEP YOUR ROUGH CLOTHES IN BACK OF THE CLOSET!!)


Keep Your Hairstyle Clean & Nice

RUNAWAY from blue, pink, red, green hair dyes!!! FIX the hair if your hair is sticking up.


When your hair is too long that it hides your face or hides your eyes, then stop it with a pin and tie on your back.


Evaluation Will Fall If You Forget

Now, if you forget your resume, job description, documents, or other stuff needed in the interview, the interviewer will have a BAD image so DON’T FORGET ANYTHING!!! Triple check what you need, the night before!!!


Don’t Be Too Nervous!!!

Touching your hair, fixing how you sit, no jittering. These actions might give a negative impression.

So, keep straight, put your hands on your knees, and talk with CONFIDENCE!!!


IF The Phone Rings

Put the phone in silent mode or shut the power off.


When the phone goes off during your job interview, cut the power and tell them 「申し訳ありません」(Moushiwake-Arimasenn).


Don’t Answer All Your Questions With YES OR NO

Once you’re doing the interview, stay enthusiastic!!! Don’t answer the questions by yes or no, they would think you’re not motivated. ALWAYS talk about the reasons and the details after saying yes or no.


Don’t Forget To Greet After The Interview.

Before and after the interview, remember to say 「よろしくお願いいたします」(Yoroshiku-Onegaishimasu)「ありがとうございます」(Arigatou-Gozai-Masu). To work in Japan, you need to remember these two words.



Follow The Manners & Prepare For The Interview


Not only the interview, the manners of an interview starts from the reception. Uptight?


We feel that…. BUT if you just follow the manners by being on time, greeting properly, proper eye contact, and sitting right, you have nothing to WORRY ABOUT!!!


Job interviews are a place where you can present yourself! So, know the manners and give your BEST presentation!!!



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