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Useful Tool For Engineers Changing Career! How To Write A Skill Sheet

When an engineer changes a career, a skill sheet is useful for communicating the skill level and skill range in writing. We are going to give you a template for your skill sheet, please take ADVANTAGE of it. 

Skill Sheet Is A MUST For Engineers Changing Careers


What Is A Skill Sheet?


Skill Sheet Sample (Same as PDF version skill sheet sample) is a document that contains a list of skills for each field, such as OS, DB, and development language.



When an engineer changes a career, you have to submit a skill sheet in conjunction with your resume to clarify the skills.



The skill sheet makes the document selection easy to pass.



<Excel Version>Download The Skill Sheet Here

<PDF Version>Check The Sample of The Skill Sheet Here



This skill sheet is a tool that informs the company recruiters that you are applying with experienced skills. When you are on a job hunt using a recruitment agency, you MAYBE asked to send the skill sheet first, so be prepared to send it right away!!!



【Items On Your Skill Sheet】

Skills are divided into the following fields & items, so please include the number of years in all skills you have experienced.


OS / Database / Application Tools / Development Language / Framework / Network / Public Cloud / Monitoring System / Development Process / Web-Based Development Experience / Database Building Process / Business Knowledge


Have you downloaded the skill sheet!? Let’s Go Ahead & Enter The Skill Sheet!!!



1. Entering The Date


IF you want to take it to an interview OR if you want to submit it before the interview, it is OK to enter the date of submitting.



You MIGHT increase the number of experience years; you MIGHT increase the number of languages and tools you have experienced.



We ADVISE you to review at least every 3 months to ensure that you are up to date during your career change activities.



2. Entering Your Name



Enter your name and also in katakana. Leave one letter between your last name, first name, and your middle name.




3. Writing Down Your Qualifications



Enter the JLPT & All The Qualifications Related To Your Job


Enter the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) & all the qualifications related to your work. Please enter the qualification name exactly.



In this qualification column, you can also include the qualifications acquired outside of Japan.



Employers may not know the qualification, so you have to be able to explain which qualification applies in Japan.



Writing Down Your Qualifications (In Order)


When Japanese check the qualification column


  • Enter the qualifications in chronological order
  • List it from the top left to the bottom right of the table


Following Japanese customs, enter the oldest acquisition in order of the arrow in the image.



▼Example of Qualifications


(Qualifications Endemic To Japan)


JLPT / Basic Information Engineer Examination / Applied Information Engineer / IT Passport ETC. 



(International Qualifications)


ORACLE MASTER / LIPC / Cisco Certified Networking Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching / Information Technology Strategist Examination / Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect / PMP ( Project Management Professional ) / Certified ScrumMaster / AWS certified Developer / CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker / CCISP / Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE): Server Infrastructure / CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) ETC.



Example of Entering The Qualifications


▼Example 1


▼Example 2


▼Example 3


4. List of Skills



Select the number of years of all items that you have experienced in the previous projects, such as OS & Database.



On the skill sheet, you can download on this page


OS / Database / Application Tool / Development Language / Framework / Infrastructure-Related / Network / Public Cloud / Monitoring System / Development Process / Web-based Development Experience / Database Construction Experience / Business Knowledge(Free Word)


There is a column to enter these skills.


<Excel Version>Download The Skill Sheet Here

<PDF Version>Check The Sample of The Skill Sheet Here



Select the years you experienced of your skills in the list.



Select & Enter the years of experience for each item


When you click the cell to the right of the OS OR Database Name, the choice of “1” to ”10” will appear.



Select the one that applies. The experience (years) options are as follows:



▼How To Enter The Number of Years of Experience (※CAUTION※) Select The Number of Years of Experience. IF You Enter Any Numbers, It Will Result As An Error.

1. Click the cell to the right of the experienced skill

2. Select the years

3. Complete


※Repeat 1~3 to reflect your experience in all your experienced skills.



Choose one of the following years of experience


~1 / 1~2 / 2~3 / 3~4 / 4~5 / 5~6 / 7~8 / 8~9 / 9~10 / 10~



IF You Don’t See A Skill You’ve Experienced In The List


IF you don’t have the skills you’ve experienced, enter “Others” & select the number of years of experience.


【Other Entering Examples】



One Point Advice


MAKE SURE to enter your strength, the technology and the field In the “Business Knowledge” column on your skill sheet OR in the CV to be submitted separately.



IF you have technical skills that cannot be judged only by the number of years of experience, try appealing in your CV.



5. Let’s Fill In The Business Knowledge That You Are Good At


Fill in the business knowledge you are good at. 



For example, if you have been involved in a particular business system for a long time, such as having been in an Accounting System OR a Labor Management System for many years, it is easy to be evaluated as having expertise in that field.



For this reason, it is OK to enter not only the system of each business but as “Core-based Accounting System”, “Time & Labor Management System”, “Electric Vehicle Development” & “Website Development of The Industry”. 



List in a bullet form of what you have a lot of knowledge about and what systems you have been involved in.




  • Time & Labor Management System 
  • Core-based Accounting System
  • Financial Industry (Accounting System) 
  • Sales Support Tool Development 
  • Website Development (Full-Stack)



Finally, Double-Check Your Skill Sheet



MAKE SURE you review the input of your skill sheet thoroughly for any errors.



Even though you have tremendous skills, it’ll be a waste if you didn’t enter them.



IF you miss entering any of your skills in the skill sheet, the applying company won’t be able to recognize your skills.



Let’s also MAKE SURE that the items you entered are correct, such as the date of submission, name of the qualifications, the number of years of experience, and business knowledge.



When you are on a job hunt using a recruitment agency, you MAYBE asked to send the skill sheet first, so be prepared to send it right away!!! In that case, don’t forget to submit your CV at a later date.



We HOPE your career change activities work out!!!!!




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