1.Service outline

A career change support service specialized for foreigners who want to work in Japan. We offer career change support, job searching, recommendation to company, interview preparation, job conditions negotiation services to job seekers for totally free of cost.


Though the numbers of foreign workers in increasing in Japan, there are sitll missmatches between foreigner job seeker and employing company.

To eliminate those kind of missmatches, our multilingual carrier advisers from various countries like Korea, China, Vietnam, India will support your carrier change.

To realize the vision of our company "Make Japan lively by creating internet business for population declining society" we are working hard to find, create and offer foreigner friendly jobs.

3.Our specialities

Highly paying jobs for higher class people

We can offer exclusive high class jobs for highly qualified people where salary can be more than 10 million JPY.

Career change support for engineers is our strength

We not only have jobs for engineers, but our career advisers will support career change from the perspective of an engineer including skill up and understanding of business.

Lots of foreigner friendly jobs

We have lots of jobs for foreigners with Skype interview is OK, a good number of foreign employees and foreigner friendly working style. We also have jobs where where no other agents can access.

Multilingual support including English, Korean and Chinese

You should not worry about communication because career advisers from various countries like Korea, Vietnam, China will support you by understanding your perspective.

Effective interview preparation

Based on past cases our experienced carrier adviser will help applicant to prepare for the interview.

Free Registration

4.User guide

1.Free registration

  • Registration・Application
  • Upload Resume・CV

2.Career consultation

  • Interview via phone or skype
  • Job proposal
  • Application confirmation
  • Correction of Resume・CV
  • Recommendation to company

3.Selection by company

  • Document screening (company)
  • Interview preparation (TOMATES)
  • Interview (Company)
  • Job offer


  • Signing consent form
  • Support before joining
  • Joining
  • Support after joining

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5.Frequently asked questions

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