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Are You a Job-Hopper? How and Why Your Previous Career Changes Might Affect You in Japan!

You may have heard some differences regarding work culture and workstyle in Japan from your own country, but do you know how your previous career changes might have a negative impression and affect your job-hunting in Japan negatively? This is because Japanese companies traditionally don’t have a positive attitude toward job-hoppers who have too many job changes in a short period on the CV when they hire new talents. In this article, we will explain the Japanese perspective and norms that dictate how Japanese companies might see your job changes negatively, and how you can avoid leaving a negative impression of your previous career changes when job-hunting in Japan.

Must-See for Engineers Who Want IT Jobs in Japan! Advantages vs Disadvantages!

The Japanese job market has been opening up for more and more foreign workers for the last couple of years under the circumstances of globalization trends and a serious lack of a skilled workforce in Japan. Have you ever heard any good (or bad) stories about working in Japan as a foreigner? Are you interested in the workstyle and the lifestyles that come with working in Japan? Before considering getting a job in Japan, you might want to know how things work or don’t work. In this article, we will talk about the pros and cons of foreigners to work in Japan. Getting a grasp on these questions can clear your head and lead to your dreams coming true!

5 Big Obstacles/Factors When Foreigners Seek Jobs in Japan! Keys and Solutions for Job Hunting in Japan.

When looking for a job in Japan as a foreign national sometimes you might find yourself struggling. In this article, we will guide you through 5 important factors to know before/during your job hunting in Japan, from types of visas to where to start looking. In October 2019 Japan had the largest number of working foreigners in history, 1.46 million people! Every day more and greater opportunities come about. Japanese companies are starting to open up and prepare for this trend, but they are also facing some difficulties. In this article, we will explain what you can expect, and what will be expected of you, when job seeking in Japan.

Are Japanese IT Engineers Busy? Engineers Holiday & Time Spent On Studying

In recent years, efforts towards globalization and work-life balance have progressed in the IT industry, and work styles such as long working hours and holiday work have been gradually improving as before.  We are going to introduce the story of overtime hours of IT engineers in Japan that foreign engineers are concerned about and how Japanese engineers spend holidays.

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