Why TOMATES AGENT Job hunting support service specializing in global companies!

Various global job openings

TOMATES AGENT provides job hunting support service specializing in global companies. We support you who wants to get a new job in global company as a bilingual to find a new job. There are plenty of positions which is not open to the public.

Career consulting

You would be worried about getting a job in Japan. TOMATES AGENT will support you to make career plan together focusing on each of you.

Various occupations

TOMATES AGENT responds to various job types such as planning, engineering, interpreting, secretarials. Also, if you would like to make a career change from a new challenge or inexperience, please consult with us.

How to start


You can register now based on 5-steps simply.


After registration, career consultant will guide you for career consulting.

Matching a job

We will match you up with a suitable job position based on your terms.

Job interviews

You will take interviews to the companies matching with you terms.

Official job offers

After all procedures, you will get an official job offer from the company!


TOMATES AGENT is a HR agent specializing in bilingual talent・Global companies.

We provide a job matching service for you who is looking for a new job using English or have experiences in overseas. Career consultants who have plenty of experiences will guide you to find a suitable job position based on your terms. Also, we will support you to solve all your concerns about getting a new job in Japan as we will listen to you. If you want to make better use of your language skills or want to challenge in global company, please feel free to contact us.