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Tokyo Olympics 2020 (Access Information To The Olympic Venues)

The Olympics in 2020 is going to take place in Tokyo. Today, we are going to show and explain how to access these Olympic Venues from the main stations of Tokyo. We understand that accessing these venues is going to be a challenge for people from other countries. We are going to provide you the information about the train transfers with specific detail.

Do Foreigners Join The Pension System? Easy Explanation of Japanese Pension System

Most of the Japanese worker has the "Pension System" when working in Japan. Do foreign workers need to join this pension system? The pension system in Japan is very complicating. Today, we are going to explain this system, so foreigners don't have to lose any MONEY when joining the pension system.

【Work Visa List】 Explaining The Types Of Work Visas Required For Foreigners To Work In Japan And Their Period Of Stay

What work visas are needed for a foreigner in Japan? What kind of work visas are there? What type should you get? The period of stay MIGHT change depending on the visa you obtain.

【True Talk With A Fellow Korean Working In Japan】How Did You Get Interested In Japan? The Good & The Struggle Working At A Japanese Company

Today, we are getting the TRUTH out of 2 Korean workers in Japan, and we are going to ask them why they were interested in Japan with the Good & Struggles working in Japan.

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