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When You Can’t Afford Paying the National Pension Tax Due to Unemployment

It is required to join the Japanese pension system for everyone who lives in Japan (even foreign nationals). If you leave your company or get fired, you need to switch from “Employees’ Pension” to “National Pension”. If your income decreases due to restructuring or bankruptcy, you might have a hard time paying the national pension fees. In this article, we will introduce an alternative to a national pension, “the exemption due to unemployment” which will allow you to get exempt from paying your national pension fees.

Complete Guide On Writing A Resume For Foreigners In Japan

A RESUME is always necessary for job hunting activities. Today, we are going to explain how to write a perfect resume in a specific way and with illustrated examples

Rules For Over Sized Garbage Disposal! Things To Know Before Moving!

Before throwing away large, oversized garbage, here are some tips for YOU to make a good decision on the timing of disposal. So, when you want to move OR must move due to your work, you might be wondering on how to dispose of the “Oversized Garbage” There are few ways to throw away your oversized garbage and we are going to show you all the WAYS!!! 

Residence Tax Procedure Guide When Retiring OR Changing Careers (Easy For Foreigners)

Foreigners who work in Japan are always CONFUSED by the Japanese tax procedures. Especially when it comes to retirement OR changing careers, you need to go through the tax payment process yourself. TODAY, we are going to explain the system and procedures in an easy-to-understand manner about the “Residence Tax” that foreigners want to know when they change careers or retire.

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